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Antagonist Interview - Dr. Ian - Amy Winfield Books
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Antagonist Interview – Dr. Ian
January 22, 2022 AmyW400

Antagonist Interview – Dr. Ian

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               The Birth of Agent Big Butt                  

Antagonist Interview

AB - Dr Ian

We’re on day four of our book tour.

      Check out more on the Antagonist interview. . .

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  1. Character’s Name: Ian
  2. Occupation (if applicable): Pediatrician
  3. Age / gender / nationality (if applicable): An American male in his mid-30s.
  4. Favorite movie: The Matrix.
  5. Favorite food: Ian doesn’t like to eat because he finds it an interruption in his work, but when he absolutely has to, it’s typically something quick. He usually sends one of his sons to pick up Chinese food or pizza for him.
  6. Favorite car: The van with a giant hypodermic needle on top of it. It’s very convenient, useful, and as a doctor, he likes the scary look.
  7. Most hated person / thing: He hates the death of children. Due to a personal incident in his life, he’s committed his life to eradication of all diseases that affect children – even if it ends up hurting other people.
  8. If your character wasn’t in your book, she/he/it would be doing what instead? He’d still be a doctor, likely selected for a Nobel Peace Prize for major accomplishments in pediatrics.
  9. Does she/he/it own a pet? If so, please tell us about it: He doesn’t own a pet because he finds it too bothersome and time-consuming. But if he had a pet, it would be a mechanical alligator that he built himself.
  10. What would your character do in her/his/its downtime? Building ships in a bottle. Its precision helps exercise the needed skills he needs as a surgeon.


There’s a lot more to learn about Dr. Ian…    so head over to Author Book Reviews and Tours to learn more



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