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The Birth of Agent Big Butt Tour - Author's Favorite Music - Amy Winfield Books
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The Birth of Agent Big Butt Tour – Author’s Favorite Music
January 26, 2022 AmyW400

The Birth of Agent Big Butt Tour – Author’s Favorite Music

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We all have our favorite music, but does music help or hinder authors?


What music interests you?

I like all genres (pop, hip hop, gospel, etc.) As of now, it’s second nature for me to tell Alexa to play smooth jazz while I write.


How does it make you feel?

It is relaxing. With the uneasiness in the world right now, jazz is very calming.


How does it affect your work?

Music has impacted my work so much that I even wrote an entire scene between the two main characters bonding over a Nat King Cole song, Looking Back. Without me listening to that gorgeous song, that scene wouldn’t be as it is now. That’s just one example of how my work is impacted by music.


Do you use music in your book?

Absolutely! My books contain a ton of music references…


To Learn More about the author and her love for music, click here to head over to …

The Birth of Agent Big Butt Book Tour – Author’s Favorite Music


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